Start Phase Operations

On February 9, 2020 the stabilisation period ends and the start phase operations starts.

As of February 9, 2020 all verifying and dispensing locations in Austria must perform verifications, decommissionings and recommissionings according to the legal and contractual provisions.

The start phase operations shall provide all involved organisations with the opportunity to correct process and operator errors as well as implementation errors that occurred during the stabilisation period.

The start phase operations shall ensure smooth operations to guarantee supply with medicinal products in Austria.

Information on the Start Phase Operations

Information by the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care



Review on the Stabilisation Period

From February 9th 2019 until including February 8th 2020 a stabilisation period of 12 months took place to guarantee a smooth start and the security of supply with medicinal products. During this time period all people and organisations involved had the opportunity to obtain and to correct possible process or application errors as well as to stabilise the newly implemented processes. Details regarding the stabilisation period can be found in the information document on the stabilisation period.